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Fantasy Unlocked, Dreams Unleashed

Through my eyes....
.....are you ready to see?

This is a place for psychological controversy. If you are offended, you shouldn't look. If you disagree, then at least you have an opinion. If you despise my thoughts, depise as you might... I won't change for you. This is a place for my head, and that makes you an intruder. Yet I will allow your intrusion, look around at my thoughts. And maybe... just maybe, you'll see things the way I do. Do you dare?


Questions/Comments? You can always contact me at my email. All mail will be replied to. (However, your letters shall become mine and have a chance of being displayed somewhere on the site in a case of reference for FAQs. So always use your magical identity.) If you have any donations to the site, I would greatly appreciate it. Images or magical reference, anything fantasy-related is welcome. Thank you.
If you want to venture further into dreams, you should dive into the realms of Toorikosu and Kinjiru.
ALERT: If you view this. READ CALAMITY STRIKES. Don't just sit there staring, click the link!!


This is entirely a fantasy page that will have no ties to reality, are you prepared for such a conquest?

Information on this website was gathered throughout the internet or created by me, which should have my crediting at the bottom. None of the images are mine, nor the spells.