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Beyond Clarity Waters
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The Book of Shadows


To Restore the Charmed Ones' Powers
To Break the Bond of Love
To Banish Javna
To Rid the Manor of Evil
To Attract a Lover
To Vanquish Kali
The Truth Spell
The Curse of Matthew Tate
To Bring an Ancestor Back
To Return an Ancestor to Thier Own Time
The Relinquishment Spell
Confidence Spell
Unbecoming a Wendigo
Friday the Thirteenth
To Dispel the Effects of Superstitions
To Confine the Shadow Demon
To Defeat the Lords of War
To Unbind a Bond
To Return in Time
Nicholas Must Die
The Prophesy of the Rowe Coven
To Destroy a Grimlock
To Lure an Evil Spirit
Killer Cocktail
To Vanquish an Evil Spirit
To Switch Powers
The Devil's Sorcerer
To Accelerate Time
Rite of Passage
To Defeat Abraxas
To Move Ahead in Time
To Create a Door
The Smart Spell
Spell to free a Warlock
The Demon Masselin
To Attrack a Succubus and Destroy with Fire
Scrying for Something Lost
To Hear Secret Thoughts
To Vanquish the Collectors
To Vanquish Drazi
Potion to Send Cupid Home
To Stop a Crying Baby
To Vanquish a Ghost
The Awakening Spell
To Reverse the Awakening Spell
To Dehumanize Animal Men
Past Life Spell
To Curse P. Russell
To Shift into a Past Life
To Inooke a Sign of True Love
To Erase Bad Luck
To Vanquish Cruto
Seperate a Witch from her Powers
To Call a Witch's Powers
Impromptu Spell to Vanquish the Demon of Illusion
To Truly Vanqish the Demon of Illusion
To Vanquish a Libris Demon
To Strip Charmed Powers from Another
To Vanquish the Demon of Anarchy
Spell to Open the Netherworld Vortex
To See Beings of the Enchanted Realm
To Defeat Troxa
The Crystal Cage
To Vanquish Balthazor
To Summon Belthazor and Krell
To Release an Empath's Power
To Defeat Vinceres
To Vanquish an Alchemist
To Disposses a Life Essence
The Ice-Cream Truck

Copyright to Constance M. Burge.

Information on this website was gathered throughout the internet or created by me, which should have my crediting at the bottom. None of the images are mine, nor the spells.