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Kai's Poems

Escape from REality


Escape from Reality

I wake up in the morning,
And think about the day.
Someone’s going to have bad news,
Life just happens this way.
Every day’s the same,
Day in and day out.
We’re all trying to get by,
That’s what it’s all about.
These are the times I grab a book,
And flip through its pages.
Don’t want to read about cars and crashes,
Give me dragons and sages.
I don’t want to face life,
And all of its inhumanity.
Just want to read some books,
My escape from reality.
Fairies and elves, the whole lot galore,
Want to go places on gryffin wings.
Going to leave and never look back,
Going to see extraordinary things.
The Dark Ages and Camelot,
Are where I feel at home.
Don’t care at all that they’re made up,
Because I’ll never be alone.
Waiting for darkness to fall,
For when the time is right.
Werewolves lurking in shadows,
Howling in the night.
In the azure blue sky fly hippogriffs,
Impossible mix of gryffin and horse.
Two beasts so different yet combined,
Without a hint of remorse.
And then there’s creatures unknown to man.
Disguised by death or greed,
Or by some wicked plan,
Or some unspeakable deed.
Oh, how I love these books,
These doors to other realms.
Each one another world,
Sitting on the shelves.
With so many different reasons,
I to live in this humanity,
I’d rather have book,
My escape from reality.

Dark Side of Life

Never realized these tears that I cried,
Were the pleas of a shattered soul,
Pleaas from an unknown abyss, black as coal.
No matter what I do, how much I've tried,
No matter where I go, I cannot hide,
Just to get away, that is my goal.
Somewhere faraway on grassy knoll,
Just want to break away from those who've lied.
I'm sitting on the edge of existence,
The wind blows, crawling in silent motion.
A feeling of foreboding so immense,
Hades dark deeds of evil devotion.
The crash of one's inner being, so hence,
Life is an intoxicating potion.


These poems were written by Kai Himtsu. I do not own them.

Information on this website was gathered throughout the internet or created by me, which should have my crediting at the bottom. None of the images are mine, nor the spells.