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Poetry Written By Me


Welcome To My Soul
Welcome to my soul
Welcome to my life
Where darkness rises
And light fails to shine
You just might see
The way I feel
If you choose to run
Do as you wish
Spread the word
Of my insanity
Inform all of mankid
About the other side of darkness
The side in which I thrive
The side you know nothing about
Because in every life
There will always be
Someone like me
To inform you
Of the darker side
Of everything.
I'm Sorry
Forgive me for what I've said
I'm sorry for what I've done
But the stress was too much
In the end it was anger who won
I'll try to be better
I'll try to be nice
I promise to try
So this doesn't happen twice
It wasn't even you
It was me
You were just in the way
When I went crazy
So please forgive me
I'll repent for my actions
Next time I'll,
Let out my anger in fractions.
Popular girl
The one with perfect blonde hair
Beautiful blue-green eyes
The one decked up in fancy, expensive mall clothes
Clothes so tight and small
Perfect and popular
Then there's the misfit girl
Natually redheaded and freckled
Gray blue eyes that don't shine or sparkle
She's tall and awkward
She's clumsy and forgetful
Her clothes are those on discount from Wally World
They come from thriftshops and garage sales
Stereotyped loser.
She is me.
We were arch rivals, weren't we?
You were mine
I hated you
I despied you
I was jealous
Of course, you had it all come so easy
You had everything I wanted
As for me, in your eyes
I was just a nobody
I was just another "loser" in your eyes
Just another person you picked on
You were my enemy
I was your pin cushioin
I was no more than an inanimate object
One in which you stab your hurtul needles into
When you were done, you thre me away
Leaving me to deal with such painful acupunctures
With the same needle that you use to sow
Sow your quilt of us "loser's" anguish
Just to make you feel "all that"
Now, only two summers later
It's nearing Christmas break now
You have forgotten all about me
I could say the same --partially--
But in the back of my mind's eye
You are there, continuing to taunt me
We pass in the hall
For me, time seems to stop
It's like a flashback of so long ago
I'm reminded of those horrbile, childhood days
When you broke my self consciousness
But while my time stops
Just like in a slow-motion movie
You keep walking
Without a hint of guilt
No black on your pure snow-white consciousness
But even snow can be deadly cruel
Beauty is only the appearance
My Life
My life is like a train
It goes so fast it's hard to look around and notice what's going on
Then other time it stops and nothing special happens
My life is like rain
There's days that are refreshing and I can see everything clearly
Then other times it thunders down and my vision blurs
There's always a lost, there's always a gain
I'm tough but I'm weak
I'm incomplete
I'm different and I know it
I like to flaunt it, I love to show it
My life is a book of secrets
The pages are full of mysteries you'll never know
I lock it up and hide it, perhaps I'll never show
My life is a ritual
A boring circle that's completed every day
Let's add some curves and loops to keep me at bay
There's always another day, one in which I'll be able to play
I'm lost but I seek
I'm incomplete
I'm crazy and I know it
I like to express it, I love to show it
My life is my life
It's a game at which I tend to lose every day
It's the debris that everyone throws in the way
My life is mine and mine alone
I choose in which the way things go
But others always have help to show
And everything along the way makes experience grow
Love is the Slowest Form of Suicide
Sweet, sweet
Call for you the
Death. Please let me
Escape from this pain and hurt.
I can cry no longer.
I can feel no lower
I only wish to be released
So that I may
Escape the agony of life.
I can take it no more!!
Popping pills, injection thrills
Kiss me, squeeze me, love me, kill me
Glinting knives, building dives
Hug me, hold me, cut me, free me
Gunshot, bloodshot
Hurt me, burn me, hit me, slit me
Electric jolts, lightning bolts
Strap me, slap me, hang me, dump me
Head blows, Life's old
Shcok me, block me, bend me, end me
Because I know nothing lasts forever
But death is inevitable.
Love... is the slowest form of suicide.
Dancing dragons to and fro, douse they embers.
Dragons roar in rage. A hunter's humor dies humbly.
Crack and crumble, the stones tumble. Down and down, spiraling around. Pebbles sprinkle and plop into the water. Boulders SPLASH then drown.
A shooting star airborn in atmosphere, truth be told it's just a crumbling comet earthbound to explode.
Thunder roars, lightning clashes. A war in the sky.
Wind roars, leaves whirl. A war in the air.
Waves roar, seashells dance. Paradise under the sea.
Wind will whisper to the listeners. Whirlign wildly around those willing. Breezes brush upon those bearing sight into unseen world of dreams.
Whisper softly so one can hear, rain will talk to you. As it falls they spallter on the road, plop onto the ocean. Hail crashes into the yard to crunch under one's feet. Snow gracefully falling to land on one's nose.
Restless and stirring. Spirits awaken to navigate the night. Sleeping peacefully, souls soothing and calming aches and fears. Shining through sapphrie eyes to spy one's surroundings. Returning home at dawn.
Daydreamer, nightdreamer. Frolicking in fantasy.
Imagining, pretending. Living in lies
Dressup, even ectasy. There's more to life then reality.
Wilting Sorrow
Standing there, watching you leave
The life support no longer there
No longer to I wish to breathe
The pain of heart too much to bear
In my own mistake
It was you who paid the price
Forgive me not for my own sake
Beyond the cross is thy Christ
My wilting flower
Too late to change the past
If I had no cower
Our time together would still last
And yet rose petals fall
At our life's end call
Lonely Road
Walking down a road of peace
Dark and gloomy fit the mood
In the life of solitude
Howling wind never to cease
I pick myself apart piece by pice
Confused, lost in thoughts of horror
Locked iwthin my empty dark core
In here, so lonely and afraid
Without any hope or love to cherish
Not even I can help me now
I see myself beginning to fade
A desolated heart close to perish
On the lonely road you see me now
In the nightmare I have made
My Epitah
Gone, dead
Shot in the head
No longer here in your way
Not here to hear you say
Exactly how much I annoy you
Yet I'll be born as someone new
To walk on your land
And breathe your air, ain't it grand?
Once again I'll e in teh way
To eavesdrop on all you say
To run my mouth some more
To complain when I bore
But for now I lay in the ground
No thought, no word, no sound
October Road
Walking around
I hear the sound
Of rustlign leaves
In tall oak trees
A blanket on the ground
I am destiny bound
Strolling over leaves of gold and red
Daybreak and suk become newly wed
Purple stretches across the sky
I stare up so high
The wind across myh face
I feel at home, in this place
Life is not as it seems
Life is not but a dream
Life is dark and scary
Less curches than cemetaries
Life is not a perfect place
Life itself is two-faced
Made out to be a lie
Brought into the world only to die
Cheating here, robbery there
With murder everywhere
Diseases kill, starvation suffers
People who only make it rougher
Yet hte Congress helps everyone else
While stuffing theirself
Taking our preciouses away
Just as long as they don't pay
Talking of a better country
But they help out the Iraqies
What of our starving citizens?
What about American men?
Sick and tired of worry
Sick and tired of shame
Sick of my fury
When it's but me to blame
I hate not caring
I wan tto care but don't
The threads of life are tearing
Something I should say but won't
I keep my distance
Afraid of the facts
Putting myself into a darkness
Always taunted by student hacks
I say I don't care
But I do
I say I wouldn't dare
But I did, so sue
Everything I do is because I must
At least that's how life makes me think
Trying all these themes for meager trust
Pushing myself to insanity's brink
What can I not express?
Something I cannot even say
Just that i'm always in distress
Every... single... day...
Confused and dazed
Turbulant emotions i cannot control
Everything I do, see all in a haze
My thoughts imprisoned in my soul
Hatred, anger, sorrow
Feeling one, then the next
Staring mournfully at a road of tomorrows
My mind cannot be dignified with next
Wanting more-
But wanting nothing
In a room with a closed door
In my sanctuary, there must be something
Something more, but what is it?
Blindness covers my eyes from truth
Lying in a turbulant pit
Wasting away precious youth
No one wants to take the time
To help me out
No one wants to see through eyes like mine
Nor care what I'm all about
Drifting along
Trying to fill a hollow soul
Singing the tune of gothic songs
In the light, I see a hole.

This is poetry I have written, do not republish it for any reasons without my written consent.

Information on this website was gathered throughout the internet or created by me, which should have my crediting at the bottom. None of the images are mine, nor the spells.