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The Windy, the card of the wind. Sakura used the magic of this card and scattered all the other cards away. Because it is one of the four main elements, it contains very powerful magical powers. However, Windy, itself is very gentle. So instead of being offensive, it's more of a defensive card, which also assist in attack.


The Wood, magical card of the tree. It is a very gentle card, and it likes water and light. It really is like a tree! In the anime, it interacted with Rain and created a jungle in the house and almost destroyed it!


The Jump, the card of jumping. It is different from Fly, this card lets you bounce your way away. It can jump any height, even the top of a tree in just one jump! It's an offensive card, but it's kinda dumb.

The Fly, the magic card of flight. Its element is the wind. In the manga, this card could not be captured by Windy because they belong to the same element, but in the anime, Fly was successfully captured by Windy because of the same reason. In any case, Sakura often uses this card to fly in the sky.

The Watery, magical card of the water. One of the 4 high-level elemental cards. because it is an offensive card, it's really powerful. It moves in any water shapelessly, and so it is hard to capture.

The Illusion, the card of the illusion, that reflects the image of what a person is thinking of. And the person seeing it would believe it to be the real thing! It isn't an offensive card, but it can be quite dangerous!

The Flower, the card of flowers. It doesn't think, but it likes merry things and festivities. It can produce any kind of flowers. But because it doesn't know how to attack at all, there isn't much to worry about this card.

The Sword, the card of the sword. When someone is holding Sword, it makes the person into a sword expert. Depending on the person holding it, he or she can make it cut anything. It's a scary card. But if there is simply an instance which the card and the person are separated, it's easy to capture.

The Thunder, card of the thunder, can cause thunder to happen. But when capturing it, it first needs to be turned into the original shape - the thunder beast. And it's printed on the card too.

The Shadow, the card of the shadow, similar to Windy, is a restraining card. It controls shadows and can hide amongst them. By gathering shadows, Shadow can increase its power. If exposed to light, all other shadows will be gone with only the true form left.

The Mirror, the card of mirror, creates a double of a person. It's a special card which the Card Captor has to identify the card in order to capture it.

The Shield, the card of the shield. It's very good-natured card in the sense that it protects greatly treasured things so that they are inaccessiable to anyone. To capture it, it first needs to be returned to its original shape.

The Maze, the card of the maze, turns a place into a maze instantly! Sakura tries to use The Fly to look for a way out, but the maze just keeps growing taller and taller! I'm not sure which episode it is in.

The Erase, shaped like jester, can make people disappear!

The Glow, like a firefly, produces little spots of lights. Haven't seen the TV episode, but I believe the storyline might be a little similar.

The Dark, the card of darkness, is one of the two cards with highest powers. The Dark is the number one card under "Yue." It inherits most of Yue's powers. In order to capture this card, besides the need to identify the card itself, Sakura needs to realize what's within her as well.

The Light, the card of brightness, the sister card of The Dark, is the other of the two cards with highest powers. The Light is the number one card under Cerberus (Kerberos). It has been inside Sakura's heart since the beginning.

The Firey, the card of fire, is one of the strongest cards, because it is one of the Four Elements (Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind), which are just below The Light and The Dark. Cerberus (Kerberos)'s symbol is the Sun, which belongs to the element of fire. Therefore, The Firey is weaker if Kero is unconscious. The Firey is an offensive card.

The Earthy, the card of earth, is the last card Sakura has the capture. It is one of the strongest cards, because it is one of the Four Elements (Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind), which are just below The Light and The Dark. Cerberus (Kerberos) rules over flames and lands. Therefore, The Earthy would also become stronger if Kero is around.

The Rain, magical card of the rain. Just like his look, his character is like a child. Playful and does not think about its consequences. Because it belongs to the element of water, it was easily captured with Watery.

The Silent, the card of silence, which takes away sound and move the persons who make noise to another place. It doesn't talk much, so even Kero doesn't know much about this card. Because it likes quietness, it stays at the art museum.

The Time, the card controlling time, is able to reverse, speedup, and pause time. This is the first card the belongs to Syaoran.

The Power, the card of strength, likes to pick fights with those of great strength. Contrary to the nature of the card, The Power is represented by a little girl. This is another card that doesn't appear in the manga.

The Mist, the card of mist, is another one of the series of original anime cards. The Mist passes through and wraps around structures of buildings and weakens them.

The Storm, shaped like a tornado, draws in everything in its path. This card only appears briefly at the beginning of episode 15, and is again another anime-only card. This card also belongs to Syaoran.

The Float, shaped like a hot air balloon, floats in the air. This card is yet another original anime card.

The Move, shaped like a pair of wings attached to an object, moves the object around before one can touch it. This card 8th original anime card.

The Fight, in the shape of a teenage girl, likes to fistfight with people. It turns to a stronger opponent if there are more than one candidates. Another anime original Clow Card.

The Loop, in the shape of ribbon with a loop, turns an enclosed area into a loop. People just keep going around in circles. The Loop cannot be seen anywhere but only at the boundaries of the loop. Another anime-only card.

The Sleep is a card that makes people fall asleep!

The Song, another anime-only card, is able to replicate the voice of the one who sings the best.  That's about all it can do.

The Little turned Sakura so tiny that Kero seemed as big as an elephant standing next to her!  Touya seemed like, you got it, a monster!  The Little came into contact with Sakura, and she instantly turned tiny.  The only way to gain her original size back, was to bump into The Little again. Another anime-only card.

The Return is a card that would return people to the past.  This is the episode which Sakura went back in time and saw Touya and Kaho met the first time. It requires a lot of power to use this card, so it isn't used very often.  It seems to be more active when it's at full moon.


Crediting goes to Clamp, Kodanshi creaters and Rabi's Card Captor Sakura for summaries.

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