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Japanese Imported Comics -- in English!


Full Metal Alchemist

In the world in which the adventure takes place there exists a force called alchemy. Those who have the capability to use it can alchemize anything they want into something else. Though alchemy can do unimaginable things, there are two laws that govern it. The first being that you can only produce something with the exact same mass as the materials that you put in, this is called equivalent trade. The other law is that you absolutely cannot alchemize anything into a human. When brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric lose their mother at an early age they break the second taboo and try to bring her back to life. For this, Alphonse loses his entire body and gets his soul encased in a suit of armor. Edward loses an arm and a leg. After they recover, they begin a quest to regain their bodies by finding the legendary philosopher's stone, a device that has the ability to bypass the laws of alchemy and bestow upon the user limitless power.


While being dared to ring the bell of an old abandoned church, Kanata fell down through the ground that had collasped. He finda himself in a room with a large, cross-shaped coffin. Inside the coffin lies a boy dressed in old-fashioned clothes; however, before Kanata could do anything else, the boy awakens and kills Kanata by accident. For some reason, Kanata's soul is trapped within the coffin. Kanata wakes up thinking that it may all be a dream, only to find a small cross in his hand. He meets the boy again later on and it just so happens that the boy is a vampire, and what's this? They are both bound to each other!? If one dies, the other dies too. What could happen next?

Lilim Kiss

Lilim Kiss is about an aloof boy named Saiki Takaya who is both respected and feared as the tough guy at school. Although he is seen as 'cool' no girls dare approach him and he has no experience in dealing them either until one day he finds a pendant and opens it...
Suddenly he finds a girl with black wings in his room who kisses him, whats going on?
A short two volume romantic comedy from Kawashita Mizuki.

I do not own any of these mangas, they belong to thier respected manga-kas. I've discontinued hosting manga images because it's been taking too much time and space on photobucket which I'm afraid has been ruining image service for me. I shall still present my favorite mangas, though rather than hosting it myself, I shall direct you to the website which I have read myself. Happy readings!

Information on this website was gathered throughout the internet or created by me, which should have my crediting at the bottom. None of the images are mine, nor the spells.