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My Prince of Night

The night that I met you

My world came to life

My former life changed

With the glint of your eyes

My depression faltered

The way ember dies

My savior, my Prince of the Night

I'll send you a letter

Embroidered in flames

An ignition of passion

Too strong to be tamed

The flame burns forever

Through water, through rain

My lover, my Prince of the Night

The blade of the knife

Scorches deep in my skin

But I'll carry it through

From beginning to end

For you, I'll endure it

My angel of sin

My demon, my Prince of the Night

We danced in the night wind

Shadows intertwined

Moonlight posed no threat

Nor the stars and their shine

We preyed upon darkness

Your lips against mine

My soul mate, my Prince of the Night

The knowledge you gave me

Cannot be returned

But only built on

By a passionate burn

To make you proud of me

Is all that I yearn

My mentor, my Prince of the Night

But it seems that we have

Become distant lately

Could it be that my Dark Prince

Has forsaken me?

What became of your promise

Of eternity?

My only, my Prince of the Night

My exterior mask

May seem collect or cool

But deception lives only

To veil what is true

In the depths of my soul

I lay crying for you

My slayer, my Prince of the Night

So until you return

Everlasting I'll wait

Through thunder, through lightening

Destruction and hate

For we're both powerless

Against the wrath of fate

My eternal, My Prince of the Night

Written by Lauren, this is a poem for a DOTM fanfiction.

Information on this website was gathered throughout the internet or created by me, which should have my crediting at the bottom. None of the images are mine, nor the spells.