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Beyond Clarity Waters
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~ Reiko Lynomi Toorikosu ~


I've decided that I deserve a page just for myself. Why? Because of all my websites there isn't a single one that's about just *me*. It's not that I'm very special or anything, it's mainly just a bit of that I would like you to know exactly who's the creator behind the millions of pixels of which you are staring at right now. Such as, I doubt you can figure out a thing of who I am. It's quite obvious that I'm a extreme fan of fiction, but still... who am I?
That's what this page is for. As aforesaid it's about me and my life. So here's a forewarning against things that you may just find disrespectful and tyranny. But why call it "Beyond Clarity Waters"? Well, I'll tell you. It has to do with my second name. If you dissect it as I have done below, then rearrange it, you get ~ Beyond Clarity Waters ~ which is my own theme. I'll explain.
Reiko ~ Clarity. I try to be as clear as possible when it comes to just about anything. I try to make my point across, trying to figure out all that I come across. Talk to me, and I won't beat around the bush. I shall be blunt and precise, though don't mistake such for cruelty. In my opinion, it's cruel to twist the facts until it becomes something interely different. Or avoid the question or statement until it's forgotten entirely. Unfortunatly, I'm guilty of repetively commiting both of the crimes myself but guess what. I'm not perfect.
"If practice makes perfect, and nobody is perfect, why do we practice?"
Someone asked me that some time ago. My answer? We're not perfect, we cannot be perfect, we never will be perfect, it's impossible for us to be perfect. So why practice? Because, we can only be as good as we make ourselves to be. We're only as nice as we act, only as "evil" as we act. We practice our personalities, which are nothing more than habits that we repeat nonstop, into becoming who we are. We're practicing to become what we want to be. In short, we are what we practice therefore the practicing is imperfect thus becoming what we are.
Lynomi ~ Waters. To me, water is the element of adaptation. Adaptation is the key to life. If you are able to adapt, you are able to fit in and survive. Some people are good at it, others are not. I? It depends on the situation, as does all things in life. Water is precious, we thrive on it; needing such to survive. If we do not have water, we do not have life. Without life, what is there?
Lyn means lake in a language of which I have forgotten long ago, omi is Japanese for ocean. Lynomi translates roughly into water-water, yet the name itself is actually of Inidan origin. I have chosen such a name to be my "second" middle name in that I actually have Indian blood within me, which is rather doubtful in that I'm whiter than most white people. (I may look it, but I am not Albino. My eyes happen to be blue, thank you, and I do have freckles. Therefore, I am not albino!)
I have Cherokee blood within me, I also have German, Irish, and a mixture of others however I choose to pick an easier term "European Decent". The Indian blood came from my father. (To be continued at a later time)
Real Name: Jessica (He beholds)  Christine (Christ's follower)
Internet Alias: Reiko (child of clarity) Lynomi (ocean water) Toorikosu (to go beyond)
Code Name: Reilyn (short for Reiko-Lyn) Faust (claimed decendant of Faustus)
Nickname: Chibi-Sama (little lord), Reiko-Lyn (short of Reiko Lynomi)
LJ Name: Reilyn_No_Yume (Reilyn of Dreams)
GJ Name: Mistaken_Hekate (Goddess of the Dark Moon who was mistaken for evil)

Why is there a dancing Barry on my bio page?
Well.. that's because... IT'S BARRY!! Come on!! ^^;;

This page is about myself in real life. However, don't think that I am foolish enough as to give out my home address, number, or name. I'm far smarter than that and the only thing that you can find here is vague information as to what I am like.

Information on this website was gathered throughout the internet or created by me, which should have my crediting at the bottom. None of the images are mine, nor the spells.