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Capulet and Montague
Someday, we'll be together without fear.
Today, however, cannot be as such.
Always has it been this way, my dear.
Never can our lives so lightly touch.
To speak our love, which is to speak our doom,
Or to deny romance and live a lie,
Now hiding love behind a veil of gloom,
& so we stand, my hated love and I.
Still, I feel an aching void within.
Eternally, I wait alone and pray
Reminded that my longing is a sin,
Ever-yearning, hoping that someday
No enmity between my love and me,
And we will be together once we're free.
Go forth, daughter,
Out into the world.
Destiny calls to you.
Do you hear her?
Eternally watching over you,
Such promise I see in you, beloved,
So I give you the seed of hope to bear.
Tu Es Dea
Today you learn the truth about your life.
Upon you, wonderous gifts have been bestowed.
Each one to help you end despair and strife.
Selene, your mother, guides you on your road.
Fear not, this is no dream, but destiny.
It's only you can change the dark to light.
Let not the ancient evils now run free.
It's you, sweet ones, the princesses of night.
A gift I give to aid you in your task.
Let these symbolize the strength you hold.
Useless charms, it seems, but this I ask:
Never remove them. Believe what you are told.
Amulets and moonlight protect you,
Ever guiding you so you'll know what to do.
I Am Lecta
The fire dances as if possessed.
It roars, crackles, and chants.
It calls my name
Beckons to me,
Promises me all I ever dreamed of,
And invites me to share in eternity.
I am Lecta.
The flames lick my hands and face
As though they are glad to see me.
Their diabolical joy washes over me.
Flames colder than ice,
So cold they burn,
But I relish the sensation.
I am Lecta.
I now stand in the fire,
Filled with its dark bliss.
My eyes are alight with the same hue
As the frigid blaze that embraces me
And chars the remnants of my soul
Until it is black as ash.
I am Lecta.
It welcomes me to its infinite darkness.
It burns away my frailty.
My weakness.
My mortality.
It has claimed me.
It has chosen me.
I am Lecta.

Written by CalliopeFaye14 for Daughter of the Moon fanfiction.

Information on this website was gathered throughout the internet or created by me, which should have my crediting at the bottom. None of the images are mine, nor the spells.