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The Seven Sins
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The Seven Original Sins


Lust: An inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body
Synonyms: Yearn, desire, long for, ache for
Punishment In Hell: Smothered in fire and brimstone
Associated Symbol: Cow
Associated Color: Blue
Celestial Ruler: Venus

Gluttony: A desire to consume more than that which one requires
Synonyms: Excess
Punishment In Hell: Force-fed rats, toads, and snakes
Associated Symbol: Pig
Associated Color: Orange
Celestial Ruler: Jupiter

Envy: The desire for another's traits, status, abilities, or situation
Synonyms: Jealousy, resentment, spite
Punishment In Hell: Put in freezing water
Associated Symbol: Dog
Associated Color: Green
Celestial Ruler: Moon

Greed: The desire for material wealth or gain
Synonyms: Voracity, ravenousness, isatiability, avarice
Antonyms: Moderation
Punishment In Hell: Boiled alive in oil
Associated Symbol: Frog
Associated Color: Yellow
Celestial Ruler: Mercury

Sloth: The avoidance of physical or spiritual work
Synonyms: Laziness, idleness, sluggishness, inactivity, indolence, apathy
Antonyms: Liveliness
Punishment In Hell: Thrown in to a pit of snakes
Associated Symbol: Goat
Associated Color: Light Blue
Celestial Ruler: Saturn

Wrath: The spurning of love and opting, instead, for fury
Synonyms: Anger, rage, fury
Punishment In Hell: Dismembered alive
Associated Symbol: Bear
Associated Color: Red
Celestial Ruler: Mars

Pride: Excessive belief in one's own ablities
Synonyms: Arrogance, conceit, smugness, self-importance
Antonyms: Humility
Punishment In Hell: Broken on a wheel
Associated Symbol: Horse
Associated Color: Violet
Celestial Ruler: Sun

Information was recieved from Body of Taboo.

Information on this website was gathered throughout the internet or created by me, which should have my crediting at the bottom. None of the images are mine, nor the spells.