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When You Love Faust Too Much
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You Know You Love Faust Too Much When...


... you know you love Faust too much when...

+ You don't sleep so you too can have dark circles under your eyes.

+ You claim to be a descendant of Faust I.

+ You *are* a descendant of Faust I.

+ You dye your hair blond.

+ You carry skeletons around with you as if it were a perfectly normal thing to do.

+ And wear big coats.

+ So you can hide skeletons underneath it.

+ You buy a top hat, just like his!

+ And a long orange scarf!

+ Hell, why not get the whole wardrobe!

+ You make a Faust VIII plushie doll.

+ You teach yourself German.

+ You move to Germany, just because he's German.

+ And you hope to meet him there.

+ You search for him by visiting every clinic in Germany.

+ And find him.

+ You'd tell him you love him, but don't. We all know that his heart
belongs to only Eliza.

+ You have a pet dog, but it's kinda...dead. That's no problem though! Let's call it Frankie!

+ You carry scalpels and other medical utensils around in your pocket. Never know when an emergency will arise!

+ You like to dissect things.

+ You like to dissect people.

+ You like to dissect Manta.

+ Legs? Who needs 'em? Here. You can have mine.

+ You suffer from severe mood swings; one minute happy, the next working in the name of science, then positively psychotic!

+ You do it all for love!

+ You can sing along with his character vocal.

+ You stalk all blond goths.

+ You beg them to teach you how to revive the dead.

+ And if you can see their pet dog, Frankie.

+ You study to become a doctor.

+ But go insane whenever patients/loved ones die.

+ You try to revive the dead.

+ And succeed.

+ You cure incurable diseases.

+ You get pissed off when someone interrupts your studies.

+ You find a dead body and decide to carry around the skeleton.

+ You get pissed off when someone calls your carry-around skeleton a doll.

+ You resolve to kill them with said carry-around skeleton.

+ You're an outlaw because you killed the people who criticized your carry-around skeleton.

+ ...Who cares though? You don't! AHAAHAAhaAHAHAHAA!

+ You're a complete nutcase.

+ You paint your torso blue.

+ You wish your opponents would kill each other off so you won't have to deal with them yourself.

+ You have no objection to operating on yourself.

+ You take morphine so that you can operate on yourself.

+ You use your necromancy skills to have your dead spouse push you around in a wheelchair.

+ You have a pure heart.

+ You are a necromacer.

+ Knee-high leather boots is all the fashion you'll ever need.

+ You cosplay/rp/other wise pretend to be him.

+ You seriously think you are him.

+ You scare even your closest friends.

+ You get a tatoo like the design on his neck.

+ you go to school with a scalpel to dissect your shortest friend (or enemy to add insult to injury)

+ you paint your lips blue and dye your hair blond 

+ you yell at your mom or dad to make you a scythe thingy like Faust's for Halloween in January. 

+ you get said scythe and dress up exactly like him for halloween and seriously scare the people around you
+ You can do push-ups with your legs in the air

+ Two words: Purple lipstick

+ You know you love Faust too much when you wish you were Eliza
1- All you do are fanarts/fanfics of him.

2- You dedicate a page to him.

3- You start learning German.

4- You plan on making a journey to Germany.

5- You read Goethe's Faust.

6- Whenever you hear Faust you smile.

7- You know that Faust in german means fist.

8- You wanna be Elisa.

9- You wanna learn necromacy, how to raise dead and thanathology.

10- When you see Shaman king number 13 cover, you must restrain yourself from licking the cover and hug it!

11- You are all happy cuz your b-day is april 8th.

12- You're all sad cuz your b-day is NOT April 8th.

13- You try to discect everything on your way, even your little bro or sis.

14- You listen to music that makes you think of him.

15- You ware blue/black makeup and lipstick

16- You find smocks pretty sexy!

17- You go in the cemetary to rob graves or such.

18- Your favorite movies are Night of the Living Dead and anything that has Dead, Living or both in the same tittle and you also like the Simpson's ep where Bart accidently raises the dead.

19- You look like you're dead.

20- When your friends say your morbid, you have the craziest smile that scare the hell out of them.

21- You get stoned on nothing but morphin.

22- You like Lyserg's spirit cuz her name is Morphin.

23- You make a YKYLFTM section.

24- You alway pick him when you play the Shaman King game on PS1.

25- Your friend plays with Faust on the Shaman King game on PS1 and everytime you have to hit his Elisa you say Gomen nasai!

A special thanks to For the Love of Faust, also I would like to point out that anything in italics is something that I have taken part in or am thereof will admit.

Information on this website was gathered throughout the internet or created by me, which should have my crediting at the bottom. None of the images are mine, nor the spells.