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Sylvia's Gothic Poems


Zombie Race

A thousand nights once succoured me, in the shadow of Miss Anne Thory-sat-gargoyle-limbed amid my lickin flame, a cruel tongue at work in her secret vaults, the coming of extinction sent rebellions embers into revolt, legion i arose, a flood of inhumanity an acid regin to purify the world, my heart, torn apart, left a rifled grave....
To enthral a mindless zombie race, and death was swift to swallow on the heels of life.
Lowered souls, growing cold, tendered easy prey, when heavens's flock, a fair game dropped, as the moon whose silvered fingers play on words and dreams too cursed for day.
She stole the soul hate had sold a way, faith renewed, i prasied their worth, and planned their conquest too.

Broken heart strings

Skies lit with five-pointed stars the work of crafts suprassing sin, skin flushed with absinthe, her eyes revealed, as brockens peak tried once concealing hell, a snow white line of devine freaks in riot, where they fell.....
The circus lurches in, a ring of promised delight, for seven days and seven festival nights, she watches from a maypole, on the tip of her tongue, the restless spirit of a christmas to come.
What wicked wonders lie within the confines, spawned scorned, abhorned by the aerial, she was the light of the world going out, war-torn, forlorn and malarail, she was found unloosed, the chain of her god-given cross seduced, now pagan ribbons swathe her repose in a carnival of souls sold and similarly lost, too many decades misfit and mislaid in innocence, a tender legend of prey, parade her second coming, now they're running afraid, now she moves with a predators guile beyond the firelit circle of life, she soothes your cold heart for a while then matches its beat, synching in with a knife, she wrestles her dreams with delicate ease espied by her cross on the wall, and should she wake, through embrace or mistake, she would take jesus blest foot forward and all.....

Minor frets

Sunset, expect this to be our vast return, as death is set, at three sixes where hill-beacons burn darkness undress, under duress, your descending skirts yield a thirsting altar blood-red, yet still unfed lips distendending time to falter, welcome arms wide and crucified...
the slaughter, lightening freezes seven outtakes from the rape of the world, sins expelled from heaven, now befaul from the bowels of hell, where the tragic in theory and practice fell....
last prayers, hang in the air each unto their own rag and bonemeal saviours, strung where crippled vultures dare golgotha, coughs another cross to grave gods failure, once the forest spired nurtured in natures heart now great cedars feed the pyres, need-fires lit for greater harm as her children toy with razors, sightless and deeply scarred and the moon arose to phase her, cracks a grin so wide it hides the stars and lights our path, back through the shattered glass, tides enwreathed in scum and plunder, kraken-teethed to tear asunder all those to blind to see.... deranged, uncaged we rage like a plague through this age of greed, sowers of discord, growin wars to reap a terrible crop to beat a vicious retreat, scorched earth, rebirth disintered in the writhe of the lone survior whose worth is worse than the curse, of sardonicus choking on his own saliva, who shares the last fate fulfil thier vows? foot in mouth of sacred cows, facedown in dust and poisoned ground....

Life's misery

Life sometimes leaves me dazed with noway to stumble through the maze i seek peace and ask for the release, nothing seems real, it seems i cant feel. So much pain on my heart rains, wonder whats after death? is that the best path? is it really just black or does it hold the light i lack? somtimes i cut, digging through the hurt cause my tears cant ease my fears. Why should i stay when within me pain lays, but even at death i lose guess its not for me to choose, so through life i'll crawl and try not to drop the ball, who knows what the future holds? or when i'll have to fold

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