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O Mater Luna, Regina nocias, adiuvo me nunc  -- O Mother Moon, Queen Of the night, help me now


Id quod factum est, infectum esse potest. -- What has been done, can be undone.


Tu es dea, filia lunae -- You are a goddess, a Daughter Of The Moon


Primus apud peccatores, Primus apud afflictors.-- First among sinners, First among sufferers.


Quae tibi nocere possunt, etiam te adiuvare possunt.-- What can harm you, can also help you.


Protegas et Deleas -- Protect and Destroy


Si sine misercordia oppugnabis, tenebrae fies --  If you attack wothout compassion, you will become the darkness.


ab - away, form of

aad - to, toward, near

ante - before, prior to

circum - around, about, both

com - with, together

contra - against

de - down, off, away, reverse

dis (di) - not, negation away

ex - out, remove, away

in - in, into, in the way of

in - not, no, without

ob - to, toward, in the way of

per - through

pre - before, in front of

pro - in favor of

re, retro - back, again

sub - under, to a lesser degree, beneath

super - over, above, more, greater than

trans - across, over, through

semi - half, partial

homo, vir - man

omni - all, every

mort (mors) - death

sanguis - blood

vita - life

carnis - flesh, meat

multi - many, much

voc - voice

stella - star

terra - ground, earth

-cide - to kill

aqua - water

mare - sea

ped - foot

macro - large

micro - little

mens - mind (mental)

corpus - body

mal - bad

bene - good

urbs - city

mater - mother

pater - father

frater - brother

soror - sister

filius - son

mono - one

bi - two

tri - three

quad - four

penta - five

hexa - six

sept - seven

octo - eight

nona - nine

deci, deca - ten

deus - god

spectare - see, look

-itis - infection

-meter - measure

acu, acr - sharp

ag, act - to do, drive

am - to love

ambi - both

anim - life, mind, soul, spirit

annu, enni - year

antrhop, antrhopo -  man, human

archeo, archi, arch, archy - ancient, chief, principal, ruler, rules

aud, aduit - examination, inspection, to hear

aut, auto - self

bene, benign - well, good

bio - life

can, cid, cas - to fall, befall, happen by chance

cap, capt, cip, cept, ceiv - to take, seize

ced, cede, ceed, cess - to go, yield

cent - one hundred

cern, cret - to separate, see as being different

club, clus, clos - to shut, close

cord - heart

corpor, corp - body, flesh

cre, scrsc, cret - to grow

cred - to believe, trust

cumb, cub - to lie down

cur, curs, cours - to run, go

de, div - a god

dict - to say, to speak

doc, doct - to teach

duc, duct - to lead

equ - equal, even

fac, fic, fact, fect - to do, make

fer - to carry, bring

firm - firm, strong

flect, flex- to bend

flu, flux - to flow

frang, fring, fract, frag - to break

flus, fund, found - to melt, pour

gam - marriage

gen, genit - to produce, give birth, beget

geo - earth

grad, gress - to step or go

grat - pleasing

grav - heavy

her, hes - to stick

jac, ject - to throw, lie or be thrown down

junct, join, join - to join

leg, lig, lect - to choose to to read

loque, locut - to speak

mit, miss - to send, let go

mon, monit - to warn, advise

move, mot - to move

nasc, nat - to be born

pel, pell, puls - to drive, push

pend, pens - to hang, weigh, or pay

pet, petit - to go, seek, strive

ple, plet - to fill

plic, plicit, plex, ply - to fold, twist, bend

pon, posit, pound, pose - to put, place

port - to carry

quir, quisit, quest - to seek or ask

rupt - to break, burst

scrib, script - to write

sed, sid, sess - to site, settle

spec, spic, spect - to look, look at

tang, ting, tact - to touch

ten, tin, tent, tain - to hold

tract - to drag, draw, pull

ven, vent - to move toward, come

vert, vers - to turn

vid, vis - to see

voc, vok - voice, or to call

volv, volut - to roll

ultra - a whole lot of

intro - in, into

non - no

post - after

monit - warn

A special thanks to The Daughters of the Moon.

Information on this website was gathered throughout the internet or created by me, which should have my crediting at the bottom. None of the images are mine, nor the spells.