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Lifeless World's poems


If you think you’re in love girl, think again because I don’t love you.
I’m not your fucking Prince Charming.
Darling, this is what you settled for.
Don’t ever say you love me; I don’t want to hear your fucking lies.
I'’ll shut you up with an empty kiss if that’s what it’ll take.
I’ll dry your tears with my hand so I can break your heart all over again.
I just stopped caring a long time ago babe, as I grew so pale and numb.
When you kiss, can’t you feel the cold? When we kiss, can’t you feel the emptiness consuming me within?
I can feel the blood tickling down my neck as I bite your lips so fucking hard.
My words are trite at best, cheap one-liners to ensnare your delicate heart.
But you listen to me with open ears, as if I had something meaningful to say.
And your pretty green eyes set gazed at me as I preach on my misery. You’re so sweet but I can’t feel shit babe.
So go away.
Just fucking go away, far away from me.
You can’t fix my broken heart and I won’t give you a chance.
I can see your face burning with tears, and fear reflecting back within your eyes like a silent movie as I press my thumbs so fucking hard against your hips and push you to the window set twelve stories up. Outside this dark and piercing cold room rests a beautiful sunny day, with people about, filled with joy and sweet smiles.
But in between there lies this fall.
You can choose to stay as I shove you out the door.
But I’d hope you leave and find yourself a real love with a real man; but if you say another word of love, I swear I’ll jam these blood stained scissors to the back of your throat.
Darling, I’d slit your wrists so you couldn’t hang on to the edge as I push you off this ivory cliff.
I’d fucking cut open your stomach and remove your ovaries and stuff them in a box already filled with rotting meat.
I’ll eat your heart out and feel the slowing beat of your stolen life inside me.
So please my darling, don’t sing to me any of that cheap romantic bullshit.
Please, leave me before I hurt you anymore.
Can’t you see I’m just fucking impossible, so fucking difficult and dangerous.
Girl, get a hold of yourself.
Turn your eyes away as I lie in the dark corner trembling, suffering from my slow decay.
This withdrawal, I just need another drink, another hit.
I’m not something, not someone you want to bring home and show off to your parents.
I just might kill you all.
I haven’t cried in ages so I’ll just watch-to ache, this firework as I set you ablaze.
Just fucking go away!
I hate you!
The kisses didn’t mean shit to me.
It was your skin, not heart I wanted.
 Not to be immature but through your pain I found my only pleasure.
So I think I’ll just slap your ass even harder and slay another beast of love.
I’ve made you cry.
I’ve bled you dry.
Just die. Just die.
I can’t even stand the fucking sight of you.
So remove your hands off my chest and your lips off my neck.
Bitch, I swear I’d fucking kill you if I didn’t need you so.
I swear I’d fucking rip you apart if I didn’t love you so.
You’ve brought the light back upon my face but it’s too late; I’ve already fallen to my knees.
So I’ll grant you your one last wish before I stuff my head with lead bullets.
I’ll kiss you goodbye one last time as I tremble and die.

I’d rather hurt you than tear my heart open in the name of true love.

This poetry was written by a good friend of mine, do not republish it anywhere whatsoever.

Information on this website was gathered throughout the internet or created by me, which should have my crediting at the bottom. None of the images are mine, nor the spells.