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White Eyes, Evil Eyes


The Byakugan, literally White Eyes, (or Evil Eye as it is known in the English translations) is a very special condition of the eye that occurs naturally in all members of the Hyuuga clan. While it is believed that the Byakugan is genetically related to the Uchiha clan Sharingan, it is capable of many things the Sharingan is not and as Hatake Kakashi states, in terms of insight the Byakugan surpassed even his own Sharingan.

Used mainly as a taijutsu technique, the Byakugan gives it's user many great abilities including the ability to have a 360 degree field of vision, except for one tiny blind spot behind the first thoraic vertebra, this tiny spot is the only known weakness of this special ability. With the Byakugan activated it's user has the ability to detect anything that moves around them in a 50 foot radius, making the Byakugan a difficult task to fight against. When used with chakra the Byakugan becomes more powerful and can see through most solid matter over extremely long distances and allows it's user to see the inner coil system of the enemy, opening them to an attack on their tenketsu (Chakra Holes) by the hand of the juken (Gentle Fist). Only very advanced users of the Byakugan such as Hyuuga Neji can use the aforementioned juken technique, but when used successfully it can shut off the chakra flow of the opponent which has disasterous effects.

As one of only two known pupil techniques in the Naruto world, the other being the Uchiha clan Sharingan, it is only natural that there are several techniques that can only be used by one who possesses the ability of the Byakugan. These techniques include the Hakkesho Kaiten (Eight Trigram Palms Heavenly Spin) which creates an impenetrable dome barrier of chakra around the user, shielding all physical attacks and is one sure way to defend against the one open blind spot. Other techniques exclusive to the Byakugan are Hakke Rokujuyon Sho (Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms) and Hakke Hyaku Nijuha Sho (Eight Trigrams On Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms) which both make use of the ability to see and strike the tenketsu (Chakra Holes)of the opponent, shutting them down and rendering him unable to use any powerful techniques that involve chakra, and potentially killing him. Only one person has been able to use chakra successfully after such a strike, Uzumaki Naruto, for the sole reason that he has two sources of chakra (His normal chakra and that from the Kyubi) which allowed him to continue in battle using chakra techniques.

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