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Alexander's poetry


Sleep Walking

Am I still asleep?

But this feels so real.

Can it be that Im dreaming,

Or is this my waking reality?

It seems so strange and far away,

Yet in its essennsce it is familliar,

I don’t know my way,

And my feet carry me on,

As if my body remembers

what my mind has forgotten

And leads me to the horizon

to see the sun set

and the full moon rise

Am I still asleep,

Or is this my waking reality?


The Sirens Song

The shadow is ever present

tempting us to do wrong

Luring us in

Like a sirens song

Some people want it gone

But some cant resist

They are lost in the melody

And have pass beyond our hope

But without the temptation

How would we know wrong

Nobody would be truly happy

Because nobody would hear

The Sirens Song.



As I float up into the heavens,

I reflect upon my life on Earth

My soul has left the plane of the living

I think upon what I have done

I began to have my final regrets

As I come before the Gate of Light

I knock upon Heavens Door


But there is no anwser.



This is how it is,
As I step outside,
The wind howls unrelenting,
Chilling my flesh,
Biting my bone,
Yet it is not a cold wind,
It sounds of an army of lost souls,
Howling in torment,
Unable to return to the living,
nor able to ascend to the sky,
Darkness covers everything,
So much that I dare not stray from my home
For the light is lost to everything,
And I may not be able to return.
The silence becomes painful,
The anticipation steal all breath,
It has not yet come fully,
Yet for me it never will.
I have proven the better,
And I will carry on,
I will see the sunrise,
To see the coming dawn.

This poetry was donated by Alexander H. and belongs to him.

Information on this website was gathered throughout the internet or created by me, which should have my crediting at the bottom. None of the images are mine, nor the spells.