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Superstitions: Irrational Beliefs or Cultural Mores?


Yes, we are what we think.... our world and the people around us behave the way we expect them to... While as a species, some beliefs are common to us all - (I think, by now, most everyone on the planet believes the planet is round???), many core beliefs and attitudes, like our superstitions, tend to be culturally-based. In fact our superstitions tend to define growth and evolution within our cultural frameworks.

Almost every culture is driven in some senses by the superstitions and beliefs held by the group.

Our Superstitions say a lot about who we are, how we feel and think about our world.

Superstition is also a good example of a type of belief that you can choose not to "buy into". Those who choose to believe, find their world delivering what they expect.... and those who don't, are not affected....


- Cover your mouth when you yawn or you might let the devil in

- Any relationship started on Friday the 13th is doomed

- Throw spilled salt over shoulder, or be attacked by evil spirits

- Two people walking together should walk in line so paths don't cross

- The direction a ladybug flies will lead you to your ideal mate

- In ancient Ireland, if a traveler was to come upon a redheaded woman he was to turn around and start his journey all over again or succumb to pangs

- Brooms bought in may sweep the family away

- Don't pour a drink underhand, it will cause the recipient to pass out

- Don't show a baby it's own face in the mirror for the first year of life, it will scare the soul out of the body.

- NEVER put your shoes on the bed, that means a death in your family

- If a  wild bird flies into your house that means a sign of death

- When a hearse passes by, you are to raise your feet and hold your breath and close your eyes. That will keep death away from your door.

- Do not give your partners the following items as gifts:

  • Shoes - Encourages them to walk out of the relationship

  • Perfumes - Attracts a third party that can break up the relationship

  • Bags - Encourages them to pack and leave the relationship

    Lots of us try to bring good luck into our lives by:

    carrying a rabbit's foot in our pockets
    bringing a stick of coal to a friend's home, New Year's day
    putting a penny in our shoe
    carrying a piece of jade or tiger's eye

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