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Guardian angels of good witches


The guardian angels of good witches have the power to heal, hover, and orb from one earthly or mystical location to another by turning into a stream of sparkling light. Their identities and purpose are supposed to be kept secret from their charges. Love relationships between Whitelighters and witches are forbidden, though it seems exceptions have been made.
Whitelighter Abilities and Limitations:
- Whitelighter "dust," a powder that makes people susceptible to suggestions, is sparingly used to erase painful or dangerous memories.
- Whitelighters cannot heal dead people, animals, themselves, self-inflicted wounds, or non-magical ailments.
- Clipped wings render a Whitelighter mortal and susceptible to sickness, aging, and death
- Only allowed to heal mortals who are injured by evil
- Cannot heal demons: attempting to do so causes a recoil, throwing the Whitelighter away from the injured demon
- Communicate with each other through a clicking language
- If in the mortal world, Whitelighters cannot sense witches who are in the Underworld; if in the Underworld, they cannot be contacted by witches in the mortal world
- Hear the voices of charges all the time
- Can speak the language of their charges, whatever it is
- Can assume the physical appearance of someone else
- They travel though the Neutral Plane when they orb

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